1st Lanteri's Kitchen Challenge

Here we are: 1st of September, 1st Lanteri's Kitchen Challenge!!!

And the challenge is... (drumroll)
Chocolate Spread (ta da!)
Ok, you might be thinking "chocolate spread? Is that it?" and yes, that's it... It is actually Lil Sis' idea (we can all blame her if it goes wrong :p)
You probably all know N*t*ll* (yum...) well after checking the ingredients today while I was shopping, I'll think twice before I put that back in my mouth! For a chocolate and hazelnut spread, there's actually not much hazelnut or chocolate going on... So the idea of being able to make my own is very seductive (although scary for my hips).
I've looked on the net for different recipes and here are a few. Please feel free to use your own recipe and let us know! (no nuts) (2 different recipes)

I haven't decided yet which one i'm going to try... probably more than one!
So join the fun on Lanteri's Kitchen Facebook group and post your pictures and comments when you're done!

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