Biscuits: Christmas Collection

I had a play with my Christmas cutters and have selected 6. (more info on biscuit design here)

The snowflake, tree and house will be gingerbread biscuits with white piping icing.
The stockings, holly and angel will be vanilla and the orange and cinnamon variation with coloured icing.

List of icing:

white piping
red piping                       red flooding
green piping                   green flooding
brown piping (tiny amount)
black piping (tiny amount)

A lot of baking this weekend, all for research...

I made the dough Saturday morning:
Vanilla recipe here
Orange and Cinnamon, variation on the Vanilla biscuits - follow link above
a 4th Gingerbread recipe, from "Boutique Baking" by Peggy Porschen (very spicy!)
I'm still not 100% happy with the gingerbread... Nevermind, there's still next time!

Biscuits were baked in the afternoon/evening. I need a second oven! (more info on cutting and baking here)
Vanilla: 7 angels, 19 holly leaves, 22 stockings = 48 biscuits + scraps
Orange and Cinnamon: same a Vanilla
Gingerbread: 6 houses, 22 trees, 37 snowflakes = 65 biscuits + scraps
Grand total of 161 biscuits!!!

Sunday, icing and Monday, more icing! (more info on icing here)
I will try a different icing recipe next time.
I started off with the gingerbread using piping bag and tip n#2. It was a lot easier than I thought. I just need to remember to use a cocktail stick to flatten peaks.
I kept a few tbsp of plain icing for the details on the angels and divided the rest for red and green icing. I added a bit of black to both to darken the colour.

My flooding was too runny and made horrible marks when it dried. For the stockings, even though I waited before doing the second colour, they still started to bleed so I quickly put them in the oven fan on only and it limited the damage.
I used a tip #1 for the tartan and little dots and it wasn't too difficult. I just wiped the tip regularly as it tends to dry out quickly.
There was a lot of pressure when I started the wings of the angel (and then the eyes, and then the hair!). I went very slowly and they all turned out ok. I made sure nothing touched the red to avoid a bleeding disaster.

All in all, I'm quite proud of the results and I've definitely found a new hobby. I'll be practising and hopefully next year's Christmas collection will be even better!  :o)

By the way, the Orange and Cinnamon biscuits are fantastic: it's like putting the essence of Christmas in your mouth! Definitely worth making, even without the fancy cutters or icing! 

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