Christmas biscuit challenge!

It all started at Halloween when my sister Caro and I tried to decorate biscuits... After a half fiasco (everybody ate them without complaining but we knew they were not to standards!), we decided this should never happen again. We had to be semi pros by Christmas. "I've watched videos on youtube, it looks easy" she said...

So here we go, there's a lot to master in only a few weeks so after watching hours worth of videos on youtube, next stop was the library. Several books focused on fondant icing which doesn't appeal to me at all (I already don't like it on cakes, I'm not going to put it on biscuits!) so I'll only be focusing on royal icing for my challenge.

I've done a few batches so far, trying to build up my confidence... "I'm sure if you had the right equipment, they wouldn't be so bad...", thanks Mr! Actually he was right, the next batch was much better, see the tea set biscuits below:

They're far from perfect (those stupid standards again :p ) but they give me hope...

I'm trying to get my head round all the things that make great biscuits but so far I think it goes a bit like that:

1- good biscuit recipes: great taste but also they need to hold their shape (more here)
2- designing a "collection" and each biscuit (more here)
3- cutting and baking how to (more here)
4- icing how to (more here)

I'm going to do four different posts and add to them. It will be a mix of ideas from books, blogs, videos, comments and own experiments. Let me know if you try anything or if you've got tips, I'll take all the help I can get!

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