More Chrismas biscuits...

The last ones for Christmas 2013!
I had some issues with the red bleeding (on the biscuits hiding underneath!) and my flooding was a bit too thick... but I really enjoyed making those and they don't look too bad from a distance!

Les derniers pour Noël 2013!
Le rouge a un peu bavé sur certains et ma consistance fluide était un peu trop épaisse... mais ils sont pas trop mal vus de loin et je me suis bien amusée! 

Those ones where made back home with my sister Caro. I'd like to point out that all the white 100s and 1000s were painfully sorted by my mum as I only had a multicoloured pot!  

Effort familial: Biscuits préparé avec Caro, et maman a passé des heures à trier les mini perles blanches (je n'ai trouvé qu'un pot multicolore...)

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  1. I love, LOVE the swirl arms on your snowman! And such pretty colors!!